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Dentite Cavity Healing Tooth Armor

Dentite Cavity Healing Tooth Armor

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Dentite Tooth Armor, Cavity Healing and Enamel Refurbishing. Revitalize your smile, heal cavities naturally with our advanced cavity healing and enamel refurbishing solution. Say goodbye to tooth troubles and hello to a brighter, healthier grin. Elevate your oral care, order Dentite today!


  • SUPPORTS: Cavity Healing and Tooth Remineralization
  • Feel the squeaky, smooth tooth armor after your first application. Say goodbye to the drilling, filling, and billing.
  • NANO-HYDROXYAPATITE: To remineralize dental caries, refurbish tooth enamel & reduce sensitivity
  • NANO SILVER: Targets bad bacteria while leaving healthy flora alone.
  • THEOBROMINE: extracted from Cacao, Expands protective Apatite crystals in Tooth Enamel by 4X


Nano-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha), Theobromine, Nano Silver, Trace Minerals, Purified water, Monkfruit


  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Apply 1-2ml (about 1-2 droppers) directly onto the top of your teeth using the provided dropper.
  3. Brush as you normally would with your favorite fluoride-free toothpaste. Rinse and spit.

For best results, consider an additional 5-15 minute treatment at night after brushing for optimal cavity healing. You can also use it throughout the day, especially after eating acidic foods. If you have extra-sensitive teeth, use it only at night until your teeth strengthen. Enjoy your healthy smile!

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