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Cavity Healing Theobromine Toothpaste

Cavity Healing Theobromine Toothpaste

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Introducing The Toothpaste That Actually Heals Cavities

Did you know it’s possible to actually heal cavities and a whole host of other dental problems from within?

Most people don’t. But our Theodent Cavity Healing toothpaste does exactly that. Just use it everyday like you would with any other toothpaste and feel the difference for yours.

Theodent works because it contains Theobromine, a completely natural compound found in cacao. Theobromine is known to scientists to be 4x more effective than Fluoride for oral health.

  • Just brush and you’re done - it’s like using any other toothpaste!
  • Completely non-toxic - not harmful if swallowed
  • Whitens and brightens as it heals
  • Crisp Crystal Mint flavor


  • Theodent is one of the greatest innovations in oral care of the century
  • Contains natural Rennou™ derived from Cacao
  • Rennou is a non-toxic protector, an alternative to fluoride
  • Safe for whole family; not harmful if swallowed
  • Silky smooth white paste
  • Delicate spearmint and vanilla flavor
  • Approximately two months of twice-daily use


Active Ingredient: Rennou™ (Theobromine, calcium acetate, & sodium hydrogen phosphate)

Inactive Ingredients: Purified water, hydrated silica, sorbitol, xylitol, (plant based) glycerin, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (in Classic & 300 only), xanthan gum, titanium dioxide (non-nano particle form), citric acid, spearmint oil (in Classic & 300 only), sodium benzoate, stevia extract, sodium bicarbonate, sugar-free chocolate extract (in Kids only), and sugar-free vanilla extract.


Brush twice daily for two minutes. Rinse and repeat.

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