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Gumtite Ozonated Oil Pulling 2-Pack ( 12% Off - $10 Savings)

Gumtite Ozonated Oil Pulling 2-Pack ( 12% Off - $10 Savings)

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Discover the revitalizing power of Gumtite, your ultimate ozonated oil pulling solution! Infused with ozone, this premium blend of oils combats plaque and bacteria, promoting gum health. Bid farewell to gum disease as Gumtite aids in healing tooth decay and stopping bleeding, receding gums. Experience the detoxifying freshness of ozone today! Start oil pulling today for healthier gums with Gumtite!

Oil pulling is the ancient Ayurvedic ritual of pulling or swishing oil through the teeth to support overall oral health & hygiene. Use daily to strengthen gums, whiten teeth, eradicate plaque, and draw toxins out of the body. Oil pulling is also beneficial for TMJ.

With the appropriately sized sip, our oil will last up to 4-6 weeks.


  • Revitalize Your Gums: Gumtite’s unique formula nurtures and rejuvenates your gums, providing relief from discomfort and supporting gum health restoration.
  • All-Natural Solution: We are committed to your well-being with clean ingredients. Gumtite contains no harsh chemicals or artificial additives, ensuring a gentle, natural remedy for gum issues.
  • Defend Against Gum Disease: Gumtite is your ally in the battle against gum disease. Regular use aids in combating harmful bacteria and inflammation, addressing the root causes of oral health concerns.
  • Enhance Your Smile: Healthy gums are the foundation of a radiant smile. With Gumtite, you can take one step closer to a confident, glowing grin.


Traditional Ayurvedic Cured Sesame Oil*, Coconut Oil*†, Sunflower Oil*, Peppermint oil*.

* Organic
† Ozonated with ultra pure ozone.

  • Certified Organic
  • Essential Oils
  • Fluoride Free
  • Non-GMO


For optimal results, use Gumtite before brushing and after eating as part of your daily oral care routine.

  1. Start your day with your usual oral hygiene routine: brush your teeth and scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper.
  2. Use approximately 1-2 teaspoons of Gumtite.
  3. Swish it in your mouth for 5-15 minutes, practicing "Facial Yoga" to engage your jaw, mouth, and face while swishing between each tooth.
  4. Spit the oil into the trash (do not swallow)
  5. Rinse your mouth thoroughly.
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